Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weigh In Day #3

Weigh-in day again!

I was down 2 pounds, which is good, because it's down, but honestly, I was sorta hoping for more this week considering the increase in exercise and the fact that I only used 1 weekly point this week. However, there was something else that all ladies will understand, that was affecting my weight this week, and so I am truly hoping for a good drop next week.. and you know what? If I don't have some awesome drop next week, who cares? At least I'm losing weight. :)  ( but I would REALLY REALLY like a good drop! :) )

:  Bagel thins w/ spinach and herb egg white omelette, mushrooms, spinach, tomato and topped with shredded mozzarella. POINTS: 3

Lunch: 1/2 a Wasa w/ a little hummus, and a teaspoon of peanut butter. straight outta the jar. (it was another day where I couldn't eat. seriously I was in a place for like four hours and by the time I got the munchkin and walked in the door it was after 4pm.) POINTS: 2

Um.. it's all natural.. 

Dinner: PB2 and jam on toast, 1 apple w/ peanut butter.  POINTS:  6

I ate the exact same thing as the munchkin tonight. Except she got real peanut butter on her sandwich. :/

Bits & Pieces: couple of tortilla chips w/ salsa. glass of milo and 1/2 graham cracker. POINTS: 3

These taste like yo-yo's. :)

: 30 minutes jog/walk. added an incline and jumped into week  of couch to 5k. 2.05 miles. (this is better than the last two times) POINTS Earned: 3

Daily Points Allowed: 22
Daily POINTS used: 14/22
Weekly POINTS Used: 0/35
Exercise POINTS Earned: 3
Weekly Exercise: 1 day / 1 day 


  1. You only ate 14 points? I thought you said something about how you're supposed to use all your daily points. Eat more! :)

  2. lol, eating more has never been a problem for me! I DO need to be careful not to eat too low for too long though, because I really do stop losing then.. but I think I'm fine for now. Just had a couple of really really busy days! :)


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