Sunday, April 3, 2011

I need pasta, STAT!

As predicted, I woke up queasy and with a headache. Both lasted the whole day..uggghh!
I'm just not as young as I used to be..  ;)

Oh and I found this really cool site today - you know how you always see those height/weight charts? Like if you're 5"2, you should be around 120 lb's? Well this guy has been doing a chart like that in pictures! Check it out, it's pretty cool! It's not too good for guys though, because of muscle and all that.

All things considered, my food wasn't too heinous today considering all I wanted was a vat of pasta served with hot crusty italian bread to help my queasiness. And 20 blocks of chocolate. MMmm.. cadbury fruit & nut...

Breakfast: Grilled cheese, w/ tomato, sundried tomato pesto, onion, plastic cheese, and baby spinach. POINTS: 3

This was awesome and perfect for a hangovery stomach!

: 1 Wasa w/ hummus. POINTS: 1

Lunch: 3 Wasa w/ avocado, chicken, tomato, lemon juice and alfalfa sprouts. POINTS: 6

I love alfalfa sprouts, but this is better without them.

Snack: 1/2 chocolate lollipop that the munchkin made. POINTS: 2

This was sorta meh… if I eat chocolate, then I like it to be GOOD chocolate, and this fell short.

Dinner: Steak, capsicum, onion skewers, grilled asparagus, steamed broccoli tossed with balsamic. POINTS: 5

Grill weather. Love it.

Dessert: icecream w/ milo. POINTS: 2

Hail storm, disney channel, and ice-cream after making a book with the munchkin. Good times. :)

Drinks: Glass of milo. POINTS: 2

I found milo at the Asian Market right by my house! I probably haven't mentioned it on here yet, but that place is SO FREAKIN AWESOME!

 Exercise: None.

Daily POINTS Allowed: 22
Daily POINTS Used: 21/22
Exercise POINTS Earned: 0
Weekly POINTS Used: 0/17 = 17/35 Left.

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  1. Love it! I'm eating Wasa crackers for lunch today thanks to you (they should really be paying you). Keep up the good work.


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