Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's far easier to post good days than bad.

Lol, well at least aside from the page views, I actually KNOW some of you check this page out now! A little late, but here is yesterday's log - I usually post it right before bed, but bed was late last night, and I was in something of a tipsy frame of mind.
Yes, I opened the bottle of cupcake wine that has been sitting in my fridge for like a month.
Overall yesterday, I had a pretty bad day. Too many high point things, too many coffees, alcohol, 3am snacking.. honestly, you wouldn't be able to tell I was even trying to diet.
However, it was very very close to being a million times worse. The kuko bites and latte were 5 POINTS all up - but I just about got one of the sandwiches from work, which are anywhere from 12-anyones guess POINTS. Or the Herb and Cream Cheese Pretzel which is 8.5 points, and has an ingredient list as long as my arm - most of which are things that I'd have to look up on a chemistry site.
The wasa that I had with hummus, was just mindless snacking while I was cooking dinner - that annoys me, but I was on the brink of just continuing to mindlessly snack, and I stopped.
That might see normal to all of you, but remember, I need to lose weight - I didn't gain weight from pizza hut and french fries (not that I never eat that kind of thing - I love some awfully bad takeout junk food sometimes!), I gained weight from things like mindlessly snacking on cheese and crackers, portion sizes being too big, enjoying sandwiches made on focaccia or ciabatta bread, So me stopping with crackers and dip, without it being all preplanned and portioned is a step in the right direction. Just not quite a big enough step. :/
Before dinner we actually went to the store, and I was pretty close to throwing my whole freaking diet out the window and going "lets make salsa!" (salsa goes with tortilla chips in my house. and there is pretty much no way to make tortilla chips work on a diet. "count out 8 chips" .. pfft.)

So yeah I had been having this miserable day, I found a snake in my front yard to top it all off, and I completely just went - I don't care. I'm having some wine. BUT - what I wont do, is let that wine lead to eating bad food for the next two days. See usually, I get notoriously queasy and hangovery and I don't know about you, but seeing egg whites or a spinach salad when my stomach is queasy makes me want to throw up even more. So at 3am, I did snack - but I had two Wasa's, not lime tortilla chips and salsa, or wheat thins and cheese.
So while this was a bad day, that really annoys me, and is embarrassing (oh you have NO idea how much I was regretting starting this blog yesterday), I have had days where with how I felt yesterday, and how I was so close many times to throwing the day out the window, where I've eaten 60, or 70 points.
So I guess I'm learning something. I just have to make today better and not let one disappointing day mess up an entire week, or worse yet, mess up the last 9 weeks.

Here's the damage.

Breakfast: EAS shake. Had to be at work eaaarrly, so I just grabbed one and had it in the car.  POINTS: 2

Snack: hazelnut latte & kuko bites. I was famished, and still had 3 hours before I'd be able to get home and eat proper food. POINTS:

These are like little granola bites.

Lunch: Leftover fritatta & 1 Wasa. POINTS: 4

Snack: hummus & 1 Wasa. POINTS: 1.5

This is even better than my homemade hummus POINTS wise, and it's completely natural - only like four ingredients. 

: chicken stir fry with cabbage, spinach, mushroom, snow peas and a few hokkien noodles. man those things are high in cals. POINTS: 9
I wish I knew how to cook Asian food well.

Bits & Pieces
: Iced coffee, chai spiced apple tea with milk. POINTS: 2

: This was just lame. I was giving some to the munchkin and I just had some bites myself. pure waste. 1/2 cup of ice-cream. POINTS: 1

Alcohol: 3 glasses of wine. POINTS: 10

3am Snack: 2 Wasas w/ spinach/artichoke cream cheese dip stuff. POINTS: 4.5

Exercise: None.

Daily POINTS Allowed: 22
Daily POINTS Used: 39 /22
Weekly POINTS: 17 used so 17/35 still left.

Luckily I'm still officially within my POINTS for the week.
If I wasn't trying so hard to not use my Weekly POINTS, this would technically be "ok". Ugh, that's why I'm trying to do this differently - POINTS let's you get away with too much!


  1. Don't beat yourself up about it too much--like you said, that's what weekly points are for! Also, since you rarely use those anyway, you probably still won't even use the leftover weeklies.

    I admire your honesty! :)

  2. Teri told me you were doing this blog...I like it! It's nice to see someone else suffering through food as I am in this insanely hard low cholesterol diet. is the same amount of points as a dinner? That's nuts!

  3. You're finally an American! Counting points is what we're all about!


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