Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Better Late than Never!

My body just totally ignored me last night and did it's own thing… and I fell asleep on the lounge right after dinner. When the lion shook me awake at midnight, I only moved for long enough to change (sleeping in jeans and a bra sucks) and wash my face and then went straight back to sleep (in my bed though).

Here is the food for yesterday! (Monday the 11th)

:  Shake. POINTS: 2

:1 Wasa w/ spinach artichoke cream cheese spread and 1 banana. POINTS: 3

Dinner:  4 Wasas, tuna tossed with spinach, red onion, tomato, alfalfa sprouts, lemon juice, chili and olive oil, black bean couscous, 1 piece of sushi, 2 bites of a turkey havarti sandwich. (yeah I ate too much) POINTS: 10

This may look random, but it was delicious and I was famished. Had another busy day where eating wasn't exactly an option, so by dinnertime I was ready to eat my kid.  

Snack: Chai latte and 2 bites of a cookie. POINTS: 4

None. POINTS Earned: 0


Daily Points Allowed: 22
Daily POINTS used: 19/22
Weekly POINTS Used: 0/34
Exercise POINTS Earned: 0
Weekly Exercise: 5 days / 7 days  - Met Exercise Goal for the week. I am safe from bootcamp.. for now..

Stayed within points for the week, only used 1 Weekly point, and exercised 5 days. However, did have a few days where my eating was really haphazard due to being busy.. need to figure out a way to avoid that.. maybe something I can keep in the car that's natural to snack on and low calorie? I'm not sure yet. Also, I'm not doing great with my sleeping goal, OR my water intake.


  1. This is making me very hungry D!

  2. Aaaaannnnnd....now I want a chocolate chip cookie. Damn you and your delicious-looking photos!!!


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