Monday, April 11, 2011

Made it through the weekend. This is a big deal. ;)

Almost forgot to post!

Breakfast:  Bagel thins w/ egg white and herb omelette, spinach artichoke cream cheese spread, and shredded mozzarella. POINTS: 4

I burnt my bagel thins. Then I turned around the bagel so you wouldn't see the burnt bits. 

Lunch: No lunch. POINTS: 0

Dinner: I sorta missed dinner as well.. I was sick today.. I did have some potatoes that the lion made to have with dinner though.   POINTS: 4

Mmmm .. comfort food.

Snack: A few baked chips. It wasn't a mistake. I needed starch and salt to try to settle my stomach. Saltines would have been good but I had none around. POINTS: 1.5

There is a reason this blog is called cheesy crackers dips n chips.

Bits & Pieces: 2 iced hazelnut coffees, 1 Lindor truffle. POINTS: 3

Seriously I need a job somewhere that doesn't sell delicious treats.

Exercise: 45 minutes walk/jog. @ 35 minutes (the same amount of time as my last treadmill experience) i was at 2.23 miles which is better than last time AND good because i was sick!  POINTS Earned: 4

Daily Points Allowed: 22 + 4 Exercise POINTS Earned = 26
Daily POINTS used: 12.5/22 - Used 2 Exercise POINTS
Weekly POINTS Used: 0/34
Exercise POINTS Earned: 4
Weekly Exercise: 5 days / 6 days  - WEEKLY EXERCISE GOAL HIT!! YAY!


  1. Your nxt job should be for someone who wants to loose weight and still eat delicious food,so maybe we better make sure Oprah reads your food blog everyday.(did I forget to mention that it's best to be hired by someone who can afford to pay you well for cooking 3 meals a day plus snacks). Anyone have any ideas on how to make this a realty?

  2. Good Job Miss D!


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