Monday, April 18, 2011

Anyone Have a "Healthy" Lemon Bar Recipe?

Yeah, so I tried a lemon bar today, and I realized that I'm going to need to find a lower cal (preferably not all chemical) recipe so that I can just make it myself and not only have a sliver when I do crave it because everything at my work is soo ridiculous in points.
Other than that, the day was alright .. sorta meh. I was pretty queasy, but not awful until right around bedtime.. on that note, I ended up with my head hanging over the toilet bowl (I didnt end up being sick though) and I still didn't succumb and have like toast or something to try to settle my stomach. I figured if I was actually getting stomach flu or something, I'd find out soon enough and that for the moment id just try to wait it out and see how I went.. and this morning I feel a bit icky but certainly not stomach flu-ey, so yay! :)

Exam Fuel: 2 Mochas. POINTS: 1.5

Snack: chili lime almonds. POINTS: 1.5

Breakfast: None. POINTS: 0

Lunch: Schlotzkys. (yes that little amount of alcohol last night gave me queasy feelings and a mini hangover today. im so cadbury now!) POINTS: 12.5

Snack: Oatmeal raisin cookie. POINTS: 1

Dinner:  1/2 roasted chicken breast, baked potato w/ plain coleslaw mix and fat free sour cream. POINTS: 5.5

Dessert: Went for coffee with my munchkin & had half a lemon bar. POINTS: 3

I've been craving one of these things since I started working at this place!

Exercise: Jog/Walk 40 minutes. Added incline and @ 35 minutes had done 2.5 miles. POINTS: 3

Daily Points Allowed: 22 + 3 Exercise POINTS = 25
Daily POINTS used: 25/25
Weekly POINTS Used: 0/23.5
Remaining Weekly POINTS: 23.5
Exercise POINTS Earned: 3
Weekly Exercise: 4 days / 6 days  


  1. I'm trying to catch up on all my blog reading from when I was gone, sorry I've been MIA.

    I LOVE lemon bars, but I've never made them myself. Surely it can't be so difficult to find a healthy recipe? I mean, they're made out of LEMONS (essentially), right? If you do find one, please share it.

    Now I want a rueben from Schlotsky's. Thanks a lot. Stupid woman stuff has got me craving nothing but salt and cookie dough!

    Mmmm...cookie dough...

  2. oh cookie dough is the best any time.. um. as is salty stuff. lol!

    and yeah there are tons of lemon bar recipes floating around.. ill just have to look through them all and see which ones have reviews etc at some stage.. four more weeks til school finishes!!


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