Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tip for dieters: It's all well and good to attend charity fundraisers, but try to steer clear of the pancake breakfast ones.

Well, I had to work a fundraising event at 8am this morning (it was a pancake breakfast event that benefitted a humane society that I volunteer for) and so I rock up for my shift bleary eyed, tired, and hungry, only to find out that my shift got changed around and I wasn't going to be doing any work until 9 .. so I sat down with a couple of other volunteers and ended up eating some of the very unhealthy food. (There were literally NO other options and I slept in heaps late and didn't even have time to grab a shake out of the fridge.)

Breakfast: Pancake and a touch of syrup and two bites of bacon. POINTS: 7
( I have absolutely NO idea what the points for a pancake are - I NEVER eat them, they're just not good enough for me to waste calories on .. even when I've been bad and we make a big old fashioned breakfast, I don't eat the pancakes,I eat the potatoes and eggs and grilled tomato .. just not a pancake lover. However, I just went off of the NI for mcdonalds pancakes to come up with those 7 points, so I'm assuming that will do.

Stupid Pancake. I hate you! *stabs pancake, and then eats it* (I ate most of one of these pancakes and threw the rest in the trash.)

Snack: Kellogs strawberry fruit crisp. ( Another shitty waste of cals, and with no nutritional content to speak of. )POINTS: 1

Random internet picture - I ate my piece of chemicals disguised as food standing up while waiting for my coffee to be ready.

Lunch: Bagel thins w/ egg white and herb omelette, and a touch of mozzarella and spinach artichoke cream cheeese spread. POINTS:  3

This was MUCH nicer than that stupid pancake!

Dinner: The Lion and the Munchkin met me during my break and we ate at Schlotzkys. Had a chicken guacamole sandwich and a bag of baked chips. I should have vetoed the chips, but if I made those kind of decisions easily, I wouldn't be trying to lose weight and get healthier now. ;)  POINTS: 10

This has like a million less calories than most takeout wraps or salads. Those restaurants are SNEAKY!

: 2 Iced Sugar Free Hazelnut coffees w/ skim milk. POINTS: 2

Exercise: None - but I was on my feet ALL day today. Worked a charity event for the organization I volunteer with first thing in the morning, then it was off to work for a 10 hour day. POINTS Earned: 0

Daily Points Allowed: 22
Daily POINTS used: 23/22
Weekly POINTS Used: 1/35
Exercise POINTS Earned: 0
Weekly Exercise: 4 days / 5 days

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