Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I don't like to do things half assed. If I mess up, I do it RIGHT, damnit.

You know how they say you should never do grocery shopping when you're hungry?
Well, I've found that to be sound advice and most times will actually stop whatever I'm doing to eat something before I go to the store to avoid buying crap that I know I shouldn't be eating.
However today, I got asked to work later than I was supposed to and my whole day got thrown off track. Come 4pm, all I've had is breakfast at 7am, and a few nuts, and I'm famished, but loathe to eat because it'll be dinnertime in just a few hours. I figure I'll just weather my way through this.
Fast forward an hour, the munchkin and I arrive home and I've bought not one, but THREE different snack like goodies that I would never even usually consider - and have tried all three. I also neglected to think about the fact that tomorrow is weigh in day and here I am loading up on sodium like there's no tomorrow.

By the way - chili lime flavored almonds are my new favorite nut. ;)

Breakfast: 2 pieces of toast w/ PB2 and strawberry jam. POINTS: 3

Snacks/Lunch: hazelnut coffee + fruit & nut mix at work. POINTS: 7

Ouch..these cost a lot.

Snacks/Lunch Continued..: Chili lime almonds, 15 grams, POINTS: 3
Bold Chex Mix, 28 grams, POINTS: 3
Kashi whole grain garlic crackers, 10 grams, POINTS: 2

 In defense of my own gluttony, I would like to point out that those serving sizes were at least very small.
I may as well have just had one of the sandwiches at work, it would have been less POINTS, and satisfied me far more.

The really stupid thing is of course that I bought bananas, apples etc, have yogurt in the fridge and roasted chicken breast sitting in there.. all of which would have honestly been tastier, healthier, just as quick and easy to grab, and far more fulfilling.

: Chicken stir-fry that the lion made w/ noodles, snow peas, broccoli, spinach, green onions and chicken. POINTS: 7

It may not be pretty, but it was tasty. I feel guilty though, like I should have just eaten water for dinner. :/

Exercise: None - I have excuses and reasons - I had to work early, planned on working out after work, but then had to work far later than i was scheduled for, then i needed to get the kid, go to the store, cook dinner, do some schoolwork.. but the end result is that I didn't exercise again, and I didn't try to make it work out. (For example: I could have skipped dinner with the fam, worked out instead, and just eaten egg whites later on to make up for my bad snacking earlier. but I didn't.)

Daily Points Allowed: 22
Daily POINTS used: 25/22
Weekly POINTS Used: 3/17 = 14 Weekly POINTS left.
Exercise POINTS Earned: 0

So I'm ending my weight week within my POINTS allotment, and with 14 Weekly POINTS left, and with only 2 days of exercise. Although I've been within POINTS though, I haven't stuck to many of my goals this week, and I think in all, it's been a pretty bad week. Jumping on the scale this week has shown my weight go UP, (no matter what, it bloody well shouldn't be doing THAT!), but I'm honestly hoping that that is due to increased sodium, and lack of sleep and water. Next week's weigh in will be the true indicator.. but.. I still have to deal with tomorrows.

By the way - it truly sucks having to tell you guys about SO many bad days.  ;)

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