Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weigh In Day #2 (for the blog anyway)

Ah weigh in day.. damnit. I'm a pound down, THANK FREAKING GOD, but still annoyed that it's not more due to my own unhealthy habits this week. However, a pound down is better than any number UP, so hopefully with some more work here I'll get into a good groove soon.
I'll be honest, this blog is actually helping. I would have probably used ALL of my weekly points both these past weeks if it wasn't for this, and my portions would probably be bigger if I wasn't taking pictures of what I eat. I also probably would have had a worse choice at some point that could have squeezed into my POINTS but would have been bloody embarrassing to admit to eating when I'm trying to diet.

Meanwhile, food wise today - you would think I would learn.. but no.

Breakfast: EAS Shake. On the somewhat bright side, the reason I didn't have a proper breakfast was because I actually exercised and had to rush out to an appointment.  POINTS: 2

Snacks/Lunch: chex mix and chili lime almonds POINTS: 10

Anyone else notice the correlation between not eating a well balanced, high protein, low GI breakfast and my willpower failing me?

This is what happens when I don't get time to eat during the day. :/ THIS is what this blog is supposed to help me fix! I'm throwing the rest of the chex mix in the trash. I don't need that crap in my house and if someone told me I had to throw $2 in the garbage in order to lose a pound this week, I'd do it, so goodbye snack food. ( I did in fact throw it in the trash by the way.)

Dinner: Baked Chicken Parmigiana (no breading of course), carrots and broccoli drizzled with olive oil and red wine vinegar and salt and pepper. 1 piece whole wheat bread. POINTS: 6

This might look unhealthy, but it's really not! 

Treat: Um.. I needed M&M's for my science project for school. REALLY!!! i mean i wasn't supposed to eat them.. but.. well. mistakes were made. natural selection deemed them inferior to me. this is what happens when I'm asked to control a simulated coyote population. PONITS: 3.5

Ha! Take that coyotes!

Exercise: 30 minutes Jenny. POINTS Earned:

Daily Points Allowed: 22 + 2 Exercise POINTS = 25
Daily POINTS used: 21.5/22
Weekly POINTS Used: 0/35
Exercise POINTS Earned: 2


  1. :) Also "thumbs up" sign.Being down is good,even if it is only a pound! But don't let it give you a false sense of security,exercise is important,majorly so!

  2. Was that seriously your lunch? Nutrients are important, too, not just calories--bring back the chicken on wasa!

    I can't believe how little food you ate today. If you look at the pictures, the amount is very paltry. Aren't you hungry?

  3. Anon - thank you!! And yes, this week I'm going to get my exercise back on! This has been an awful couple of weeks fitness wise!

  4. TB - It wasn't my lunch deliberately. I had the same thing of being out all day (where I couldn't eat) and then making a very bad eating choice when I got home. :/ I'll be doing better this week!

    Oh and yeah - I was famished pretty much all day yesterday. A few nuts and crackers and a shake are not enough to keep me going. Today was pretty much a great guide on how NOT to attempt dieting. ;)

  5. Well, that makes me feel a little better. Carry on! :)

  6. Man you must have eaten a crap load of chex mix to hit 10 points!! lol I can't do that at all...nothing chaps my hide like eating things that soak up my saturated fat grams and calories without filling me up. Aren't you just starving all day when you eat Chex mix for lunch?

  7. TB - lol. :)

    Happiness - lol it wasn't a ton, but that crap is just really high in calories and fat, with no fiber to speak of - which makes it super high in points. Same for nuts, but at least nuts have some good properties. And yeah.. I just called it lunch because it was the next thing I ate after breakfast - technically I didn't eat lunch, that little disaster was at like 4pm - too close to dinner to eat "lunch". Also, yes I was starving and that did nothing but make my mouth taste gross. Ugh! However, on the bright side, I don't usually do that up there - BUT, I have totally eaten crackers and cheese for lunch before. With the same result of not being satisfying, but still having too many calories.


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