Friday, April 22, 2011


Thursdays Food!

Breakfast:  PB2 & Jam on an english muffin. POINTS: 2.5

Rush of a day and completely forgot to take a picture! Here is a picture of the jam I use though.. it's really good!

Lunch: tuna salad (tuna,spinach,cilantro,tomato,lemon juice) & 2 Wasa crackers.  POINTS: 3.5
 I had someone over so just made up some tuna salad, a toasted multigrain ciabatta roll with ham and cheese that i cut into pieces, and sliced some avocado then just put it all in the  middle of the table with some wasa's. I had 2 wasas and some tuna salad.

Snack:  1/2 tub greek yogurt, 1/2 portion almond flax granola. POINTS: 3

Had the yogurt and granola left over from yesterday, so I figured I should use it before the opened yogurt went bad. This was alright for a quick low point snack before work.

Dinner:  Herb & Cream Cheese Pretzel & an iced skim chai latte. POINTS:  11

Snack: Skim iced coffee. POINTS: 1

:  None. POINTS Earned: 0

Daily Points Allowed: 22
Daily POINTS used: 21/22
Weekly POINTS Used: 0 / 28.5
Remaining Weekly POINTS: 26.5
Exercise POINTS Earned: 0
Weekly Exercise: 1 day / 3 days  - Eek. I have to exercise every single day for the next four days and I have three full days of work and of course studying in between that…. this should be interesting. :/


  1. Yum! Fancy jam!

    Good luck with the exercise. When are you going to take my relentless advice and get some ankle weights? I'm telling ya, they're the wave of the future! Of course, I'm sure you'd have a hard time counting it as exercise, but still.

  2. Good luck with the gym, maybe if you have time when doing your cardio add a bit of weights to your workout even if it is just holding hand weights and doing biceps and tricep reps while on the treadmill, building muscle is going to help your weight loose.
    And Yum with the jam i love a gourmet jam! Xx


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