Monday, April 30, 2012

The Weekend. (dun-dun-duunnnn!!!!)

Actually, the weekend wasn't too bad for me! I got a ton done that I have been meaning to get done around the house, I finally got some much needed sleep in and I spent some quality time with the family - all while not completely screwing up my eating. Which for me, on the weekend, is great.
Can't complain about any of that at all. 

So, here's the eating.


Breakfast: None

Roll w/ provolone, spinach, basil pesto, lettuce, tomato, & jalapeƱo = 8 Points 



2 Wasa crackers w/ hot cheddar & tomato = 5 Points


Pulled pork, whole wheat small burger bun, home made coleslaw & bbq sauce = 8 Points 

The husbands creation..damn that boy can cook.


White wine & a Jagerbomb = 27 Points

The fact that I got this at a bowling alley just blows my mind. Oh America. You and I were meant to be.

Saturday Summary
Daily Points Used: 27/27 + 21 Weekly Points 
Total Points Used: 48
Weekly Points Remaining: 28
Exercise: 0 days / 5 days 


Toasted sandwich w/ sundried tomato pesto, baby spinach, onion & plastic cheese = 6 Points


Lean Cuisine meal = 7 Points

This was okay for a frozen meal I guess

Lentil soup w/ 2 slices bread = 11 Points

I loovveee lentil soup.

Strawberries, pear, pineapple & banana = 1 Point


Granola thin = 2 Points
These are absolutely delicious.

 Sunday Summary
Daily Points Used: 27/27
Weekly Points Used: 0/28
Exercise: 0 days / 6 days 

And that is that, and now it's REAAALLLY late, and I have to go to sleep. Night munchkins!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

i could change the world if only i could sleep in

 IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!! Well, that may have lost some it's intended impact, considering it's actually 3:35am on Saturday now. But still. It was Friday. And you know what that means??? Does it mean getting ready for the weekend, dressing up, dancing, and cocktails???? 
Well, doesn't, cause I actually have a ton of schoolwork to do...but I don't have to work tomorrow, and right now that's quite enough for me. 
Cocktails will come soon enough after all.. they always do. ;) 

So eating wise, I've done better, I've done worse, and I'm sure I'll do better another day and worse another day as well. S'all good. (See what a good mood not having to wake up early puts me in? The world would be a happier place if I got to sleep in everyday. I'm sure of it. I am that arrogant.) 


EAS shake = 3 Points

Oikos Greek yogurt = 4 Points

Cup of chili at work = 4 Points


Chipotle (I tried to be careful and made them put really minimal rice, only a touch of guacamole and skipped the black beans and sour cream, but he didn't understand my "no cheese" gesture) Lettuce, chicken, capsicum & onions, salsa, rice, cheese, guacamole = 15 Points

Bits & Pieces: 

Milk for my coffee = 2 Points

Enjoy your weekend, Angelpuffs!!!! 

Daily Points Used: 27/27 + 1 Weekly 
Total Points Used: 28
Weekly Points Used 1/49
Weekly Points Remaining: 48
Exercise Points Earned: 0
Exercise: 0 days / 4 days 
Sanity Level: 4/5

Friday, April 27, 2012


School and work took all of my mental energy so here's what I ate today.

None = 0 Points

Oikos Greek yogurt + strawberries = 3 Points 

Roll w/ basil pesto, provolone, shaved chicken breast, tomato, spinach, red onion, jalapeno & romaine. = 8 Points 

Evil Pasta Bake = 13 Points

I should never have taught the husband how to make good pasta.

Bits & Pieces:
Milk for my iced coffee = 3 Points 

Daily Points Used: 27/27
Weekly Points Used: 0/49
Exercise Points: 0
Exercise: 0 days / 3 days 
Sanity Level 3/5

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Organization thy name is D.. oh wait.. no it's not..

 One day, maybe, I will be more organized... for now however, me in the morning resembles a hurricane that thinks it's an earthquake colliding with a tornado that thinks it's a tsunami. Having said that, by 9am (when I should have been tiredly sipping on a venti hazelnut coffee and replying to emails at my desk) I still hadn't eaten breakfast or made the lunch that i had so optimistically decided I would make.. as a result, I ate half of my (delicious) roll right after I made it and saved the other half to have at lunch with a cup of soup from work. So, while it may not have been a conventional breakfast, it did the trick. ;)

1/2 of the roll pictured below. Whole wheat roll, provolone, shaved roasted chicken breast, red onion, jalapeno, tomato, baby spinach, romaine. = 4 Points


 Managed to remember to throw a yogurt in my handbag before I left - yay for remembering something! it's far easier to bring your lunch and remember to bring a healthy snack when you simply stroll into work half an hour late.


Oikos organic greek yogurt with caramel = 3 Points
I told you to try these last year.. if you didn't, then try them now. 

The other half of my roll and a cup of chili = 8 Points

That's how cold my office is.. 90 degrees out (33 celsius) and I'm wearing a cardi and eating lovely warming chili for lunch.

 The Lion made grilled burgers tonight. It's charcoal grilling, rubbish removal and bug killing that makes it worth it to keep a man around.

Burger on a whole wheat bun w/ hummus, tomato, baby spinach and feta. = 8 Points

I recommend this.

 Bits and Pieces: 
milk for my coffee and for my late night Chai = 3 Points

This cup makes me happy.

Exercise: NONE

And that was my day.. the big countdown in my life right now is school being over .. 2.5 weeks and fail, pass, or excel, it'll all be over for a few months!

Just keep swimmin' buttercups!

Points Used: 26/27
Weekly Points Used: 0/49
Exercise Points Earned: 0
Days Exercised: 0 days / 2 days 
Sanity Level: 4/5

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

excuse the year between posts..

Holy crap, it has literally (or litrally) been a year. I'd love to say the past year has been good to me but..well.. not so much. Actually that's a lie. Work is great, school is.. well.. I haven't failed yet anyway.. family is great, winter was afreakingmazing here this year and so far allergies haven't kicked in. So, on those fronts, life is grand. In fact, I got a job that I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted, so I'm pretty happy about that. Of course I'm now busier than I ever planned to be in my life and odds are that a nervous breakdown will occur at some point, but why focus on the negative? ;) However - the whole healthy me thing? Not so great. Actually quite shockingly horrific. So, as I liked doing this so much last time, and I seem to be a glutton (see what I did there? see? see? it means i'm smart) for punishment in terms of committing to far more things than I can handle, I figured I may as well jump back on the wagon! The flog wagon of course. No one is taking my vino away. Ever. Not unless they're replacing it with appletini's anyway.

So, Breakfast: 

EAS Shake - 3 Points

Perfect for those mornings (every morning) when I'm in a mad rush!

"The Veggie Med" (From Noodles & Company)It's a piece of pita, filled with baby spinach, red capsicum (peppers), cucumber, onion, mushroom with a sprinkling of feta and something that tastes sort of like vinegar = 8 Points

If you haven't tried this, you really should. This is something I have whether I'm dieting or not.. so good! 

1 wasa cracker, 1oz hot cheddar, 1/2 tomato = 4 Points

You all know how I feel about Wasa.
Tortilla crusted tilapia (frozen..), salad w/ cucumber, tomato, red onion, romaine, a bit of feta, olive oil and tons of balsamic and a frozen "Just for 1" cauliflower and cheese thing. = 9 Points

 Bits & Pieces: 

Milk for my coffee(s) = 2 Points

Exercise: NONE

 So, Day 1 of my flog for 2012 is posted.
These days I'm a whole lot busier and more tired than I've ever been in my life, so sacrifices have to be made at this point.  I'm really hoping that this focus on what I'm consuming by posting pictures and details will help me to find some of my old enthusiasm for cooking again.. but no matter what, I need to be counting points because I've gained way too much weight and it's effecting my wardrobe very negatively.

Daily Points: 26/27
Weekly Bonus Points: 0/49
Activity Points: 0
Exercise: 0 days / 1 day
Sanity Level: 3/5