Monday, April 30, 2012

The Weekend. (dun-dun-duunnnn!!!!)

Actually, the weekend wasn't too bad for me! I got a ton done that I have been meaning to get done around the house, I finally got some much needed sleep in and I spent some quality time with the family - all while not completely screwing up my eating. Which for me, on the weekend, is great.
Can't complain about any of that at all. 

So, here's the eating.


Breakfast: None

Roll w/ provolone, spinach, basil pesto, lettuce, tomato, & jalapeƱo = 8 Points 



2 Wasa crackers w/ hot cheddar & tomato = 5 Points


Pulled pork, whole wheat small burger bun, home made coleslaw & bbq sauce = 8 Points 

The husbands creation..damn that boy can cook.


White wine & a Jagerbomb = 27 Points

The fact that I got this at a bowling alley just blows my mind. Oh America. You and I were meant to be.

Saturday Summary
Daily Points Used: 27/27 + 21 Weekly Points 
Total Points Used: 48
Weekly Points Remaining: 28
Exercise: 0 days / 5 days 


Toasted sandwich w/ sundried tomato pesto, baby spinach, onion & plastic cheese = 6 Points


Lean Cuisine meal = 7 Points

This was okay for a frozen meal I guess

Lentil soup w/ 2 slices bread = 11 Points

I loovveee lentil soup.

Strawberries, pear, pineapple & banana = 1 Point


Granola thin = 2 Points
These are absolutely delicious.

 Sunday Summary
Daily Points Used: 27/27
Weekly Points Used: 0/28
Exercise: 0 days / 6 days 

And that is that, and now it's REAAALLLY late, and I have to go to sleep. Night munchkins!

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