Saturday, April 28, 2012

i could change the world if only i could sleep in

 IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!! Well, that may have lost some it's intended impact, considering it's actually 3:35am on Saturday now. But still. It was Friday. And you know what that means??? Does it mean getting ready for the weekend, dressing up, dancing, and cocktails???? 
Well, doesn't, cause I actually have a ton of schoolwork to do...but I don't have to work tomorrow, and right now that's quite enough for me. 
Cocktails will come soon enough after all.. they always do. ;) 

So eating wise, I've done better, I've done worse, and I'm sure I'll do better another day and worse another day as well. S'all good. (See what a good mood not having to wake up early puts me in? The world would be a happier place if I got to sleep in everyday. I'm sure of it. I am that arrogant.) 


EAS shake = 3 Points

Oikos Greek yogurt = 4 Points

Cup of chili at work = 4 Points


Chipotle (I tried to be careful and made them put really minimal rice, only a touch of guacamole and skipped the black beans and sour cream, but he didn't understand my "no cheese" gesture) Lettuce, chicken, capsicum & onions, salsa, rice, cheese, guacamole = 15 Points

Bits & Pieces: 

Milk for my coffee = 2 Points

Enjoy your weekend, Angelpuffs!!!! 

Daily Points Used: 27/27 + 1 Weekly 
Total Points Used: 28
Weekly Points Used 1/49
Weekly Points Remaining: 48
Exercise Points Earned: 0
Exercise: 0 days / 4 days 
Sanity Level: 4/5

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