Tuesday, April 24, 2012

excuse the year between posts..

Holy crap, it has literally (or litrally) been a year. I'd love to say the past year has been good to me but..well.. not so much. Actually that's a lie. Work is great, school is.. well.. I haven't failed yet anyway.. family is great, winter was afreakingmazing here this year and so far allergies haven't kicked in. So, on those fronts, life is grand. In fact, I got a job that I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted, so I'm pretty happy about that. Of course I'm now busier than I ever planned to be in my life and odds are that a nervous breakdown will occur at some point, but why focus on the negative? ;) However - the whole healthy me thing? Not so great. Actually quite shockingly horrific. So, as I liked doing this so much last time, and I seem to be a glutton (see what I did there? see? see? it means i'm smart) for punishment in terms of committing to far more things than I can handle, I figured I may as well jump back on the wagon! The flog wagon of course. No one is taking my vino away. Ever. Not unless they're replacing it with appletini's anyway.

So, Breakfast: 

EAS Shake - 3 Points

Perfect for those mornings (every morning) when I'm in a mad rush!

"The Veggie Med" (From Noodles & Company)It's a piece of pita, filled with baby spinach, red capsicum (peppers), cucumber, onion, mushroom with a sprinkling of feta and something that tastes sort of like vinegar = 8 Points

If you haven't tried this, you really should. This is something I have whether I'm dieting or not.. so good! 

1 wasa cracker, 1oz hot cheddar, 1/2 tomato = 4 Points

You all know how I feel about Wasa.
Tortilla crusted tilapia (frozen..), salad w/ cucumber, tomato, red onion, romaine, a bit of feta, olive oil and tons of balsamic and a frozen "Just for 1" cauliflower and cheese thing. = 9 Points

 Bits & Pieces: 

Milk for my coffee(s) = 2 Points

Exercise: NONE

 So, Day 1 of my flog for 2012 is posted.
These days I'm a whole lot busier and more tired than I've ever been in my life, so sacrifices have to be made at this point.  I'm really hoping that this focus on what I'm consuming by posting pictures and details will help me to find some of my old enthusiasm for cooking again.. but no matter what, I need to be counting points because I've gained way too much weight and it's effecting my wardrobe very negatively.

Daily Points: 26/27
Weekly Bonus Points: 0/49
Activity Points: 0
Exercise: 0 days / 1 day
Sanity Level: 3/5

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