Thursday, April 26, 2012

Organization thy name is D.. oh wait.. no it's not..

 One day, maybe, I will be more organized... for now however, me in the morning resembles a hurricane that thinks it's an earthquake colliding with a tornado that thinks it's a tsunami. Having said that, by 9am (when I should have been tiredly sipping on a venti hazelnut coffee and replying to emails at my desk) I still hadn't eaten breakfast or made the lunch that i had so optimistically decided I would make.. as a result, I ate half of my (delicious) roll right after I made it and saved the other half to have at lunch with a cup of soup from work. So, while it may not have been a conventional breakfast, it did the trick. ;)

1/2 of the roll pictured below. Whole wheat roll, provolone, shaved roasted chicken breast, red onion, jalapeno, tomato, baby spinach, romaine. = 4 Points


 Managed to remember to throw a yogurt in my handbag before I left - yay for remembering something! it's far easier to bring your lunch and remember to bring a healthy snack when you simply stroll into work half an hour late.


Oikos organic greek yogurt with caramel = 3 Points
I told you to try these last year.. if you didn't, then try them now. 

The other half of my roll and a cup of chili = 8 Points

That's how cold my office is.. 90 degrees out (33 celsius) and I'm wearing a cardi and eating lovely warming chili for lunch.

 The Lion made grilled burgers tonight. It's charcoal grilling, rubbish removal and bug killing that makes it worth it to keep a man around.

Burger on a whole wheat bun w/ hummus, tomato, baby spinach and feta. = 8 Points

I recommend this.

 Bits and Pieces: 
milk for my coffee and for my late night Chai = 3 Points

This cup makes me happy.

Exercise: NONE

And that was my day.. the big countdown in my life right now is school being over .. 2.5 weeks and fail, pass, or excel, it'll all be over for a few months!

Just keep swimmin' buttercups!

Points Used: 26/27
Weekly Points Used: 0/49
Exercise Points Earned: 0
Days Exercised: 0 days / 2 days 
Sanity Level: 4/5

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