Tuesday, May 1, 2012

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Today I: 
went to work on 2.5 hours of sleep (stupid manager meetings at 7am on mondays..why don't they understand I like to sleep!!)
got to have my lunch break 40 minutes before I finished work for the day 
fell asleep on the lounge at 5:30 
had stressful, fitful dreams about work 
woke up to my husband pretending to be an alarm clock @ 7:30pm - no one had eaten dinner yet & I thought my work dream was real
had to fulfill volunteering obligations 
watched my family eat takeout while I made myself tuna & rice 
squirted lemon juice directly into my eye 
completed yet another weeks coursework.. nearly there.. 
firmly told this day to go to hell 

...realized that if this is what I call a shitty day, then I'm not doing too badly. ;) 

EAS Shake = 3 Points

Multi-grain turkey, spinach & cheese wrap from work = 13 Points

I hate spending that many points on one sandwich.

Tuna pan-fried w/ olive oil cooking spray, red & yellow onion, lemon juice, chili flakes, & baby spinach, served over a cup of brown rice. = 8 Points
This is actually REALLY good. I must thank a certain someone for introducing this to me (granted, I've tweaked it somewhat) when we were on vacation in a beautiful spot - my most favorite place in the world in fact - called Second Valley, many years ago.  

This place is so unbelievably special.

Bits & Pieces: 
Milk for my coffees = 3 Points

Daily & Weekly Summary: 
Daily Points Used: 27/27
Weekly Points Used: 0/28
Weekly Points Left at End of Week: 28 
Exercise: 0 days / 7 days 
Sanity Level: 2/5

Weekly Notes
So I'm not too upset to tell the truth. I'm ending the week with points left over, I feel like I made the best choices that I could throughout the week - that are sustainable that is - and I actually kept up everyday. Clearly the exercise was, uh, non-existent, but I'm not overly concerned about that - yet. I am giving myself the leeway of just getting through school - if I exercise before then, great, if not, no drama.. after school is done I will have no excuse not to get a great routine down pat before the next school year begins in a few months. I will probably set another "challenge" where if I don't keep up with my exercise I will commit to some kind of torture like boot camp - that scared the crap out of me last year (still hate early mornings!) and really kept me going when I just did not feel the motivation to move, so we'll see. So - food - not bad, fitness - have a plan, feelings.. ah well.. those are always fluctuating aren't they. For the most part, I've felt relatively sane this week, although I've definitely had a few bouts of not so awesome.. while school is out, I plan on trying to spend this summer on my physical health, as well as emotional health. I'm not depressed by any means, but there are always things that could use improvements.. so I may as well get to work on those. It might be time to read The Happiness Project again. And if you haven't read it ever.. then go read it. Now.

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