Tuesday, May 15, 2012

there are bad weekends.. then there are mine

Just so you know, I'm screaming right now. I would like to smash my computer, but I love it too much to do that, so internal screams of frustration are where I'm at, because real screams could get the neighbors calling 911, and not screaming would mean I need to resort to violence, which would end in either me destroying something I love, or something that would get me arrested. Either option isn't appealing right now. So, I am not going to rewrite the entire freaking post I just wrote and that my computer decided to lose when my program crashed. Instead I'll do a brief summary; Up until Friday, everything was great - in fact I weighed in during the week and was down three pounds in three days and feeling super. Then Friday evening I ended up at an impromptu dinner with the in-laws and family at a Chinese restaurant, and, well, I did not choose the steamed vegetables and brown rice…  Saturday was the all day concert that I mentioned last week. Alcohol was consumed.. rather a lot of it actually… The food options were extremely limited at the concert - think food truck philly cheese steaks, burgers, hot dogs, mini pizzas.. and that's pretty much it. However, I did have a lot of cranberry juice with my vodka.. I'm pretty sure that counts for something. Other than calories. Sunday was mothers day and my family surprised me with greek food, which was very sweet of them, but after my indulgent weekend, definitely not what my so-called "diet" needed. I forgot to take pics this weekend (apparently alcohol makes you less inclined to stick to your responsibilities or obligations.. who knew) so there are a couple of gaps in the pics. As for the three pounds down… i was 5 pounds UP by Sunday morning… I think it's a pretty safe bet that weigh-in is not going to go the right direction tomorrow. No point in quitting now though when I finally see an end in sight to all the crazy in my life now .. Wednesday school ends!!!!!! I can do this. At some point I'll get it together, just as long as I keep being aware. I think. 

NOTE: I'll put points values next to the food eaten, but so much are blind guesses that I have no real idea what the points I consumed were. I know that I went well over my points, so I'm going to forget the daily summaries in the interest of efficiency.

My summary is this:

Screwed Up. Over all of my points.   ;)

 Friday (The Munchkin's Field Day)

Breakfast: None

Lunch: ham & ultra thin swiss s/w on wheat w/ lettuce (NO PIC) = 4 Points

Snack: 2 wasa's, ultra thin cheese, pickles, LC wedge = 4 Points

Dinner: Chinese; chicken curry with white rice, 1/2 of a shrimp tempura, bite of an egg roll and some bites of whatever it is that the hubby got = no idea. the calculator says 10 Points, but I feel like that is way too conservative.. lets just say 20 for the hell of it.

*Actually got a 20 minute walk in.. it was sort of by accident, but I had the choice to do it or not and I took the choice. However, anger was fueling me so it made it very easy to make the choice to let off some steam, rather than commit murder.*

Call me sheltered, but I'd never been to a Chinese restaurant that served their appetizers with that little fire grilling thing on top, loved it!

Unappetizing pic, delicious meal.


Breakfast: None

Lunch: 1/2 turkey sub from Mr Goodcents w/ pepperjack, lettuce, capsicum, jalapeƱo = 4 Points

I saved the other half of this for the next day because i knew I'd be eating crap and drinking at the concert. In hindsight, I may have fared better if I'd eaten the whole thing, instead of drinking on only half a sub.

 Dinner: Mini pizza from concert = No idea .. it was thin crust at least. I know that that is better than pan!

Alcohol: Lots. Wine, vodka, margarita's, beer… there is no way I can even guesstimate how many points it was.

*At least it was an all day event that I walked around at the whole time.. Although I don't even want to consider how much walking I'd have to actually do to burn off that many calories*

Drinks on the balcony of our hotel room before the concert..also I feel the need to give props to marriott residence inns. We stay at the same one every year for this concert and their rooms are great.. balcony is cruddy, but the rooms are massive and have a full kitchen and a little living room area and a really big double bathroom. Also very clean with nice decor!

Breakfast: None

Lunch: Other half of Mr. Goodcents sub from Saturday = 4 Points

Snack: 3 wasa crackers, ultra thin swiss & cheddar, LC Cheese wedge & pickles = 6 Points

 Dinner: Greek potatoes, zucchini, squash & carrot, with rice, 2 pieces meat from a chicken skewer, 2 pieces meat from a beef skewer, a few bites of pastitsio, 1/2 a piece of pita bread w/ tzatziki and a couple of bites of yiros meat, (gyro meat). = No clue. None whatsoever. Presumably a lot. ;)

This is a random internet picture, but very similar to what I had - the husband got a platter of a little bit of a variety things that we could all have.


Breakfast: None

Lunch: 1/2 roasted tomato caprese s/w and a cup of chili = 11 Points

 Dinner: Tortilla crusted tilapia & salad w/ capsicum, red onion, lettuce, goats cheese, tomato, & balsamic viniagerette = 10 Points

Having this fish, and decent salad ingredients in my house, is my savior for rushed & tired nights.

 And that's that. 

'Night buttercups!

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