Wednesday, May 16, 2012

3rd weigh in & wednesday

I have no idea how, I can only assume that my being run off of my feet has helped, but I actually lost instead of gained! I was down by 2.4 lb's for the week, and pretty over the moon about it - all things considered! Also, it's hard not to be happy right at this second because I just submitted my last assignment for this school year and I am SO looking forward to nearly three months of nights and weekends where I don't have to worry about anything other than everything else!

So anyway, here's the eating. 


Breakfast: EAS Shake = 3 Points 

my mission for the summer is to get different pics of these damn shakes. I know.. I set myself lofty goals. 
 Lunch: 1/2 roasted tomato caprese s/w & a cup of chili = 11 Points

Maybe I'll even find time at night now to make lunches the night before like one of those organized people!!! (Note: this is highly unlikely. my organizational skills are somewhat..lacking)

 Dinner: Baked chicken w/ sauce & a little mozzarella, homemade pasta salad, broccoli, salad w/ cucumbers, goats cheese, tomato & balsamic vinigiarette = 12 Points

Hubby made it all apart from the salad. I've taught him well.

 Bits & Pieces: Milk for my coffee = 2 Points

Daily Summary: 
Total Points Used:  26/26 + 2 Weekly Points for a total of 28 Points
Weekly Points Used: 2/49
Weekly Points Remaining: 47
Exercise: 0 days / 1 day


 Breakfast: None

 Lunch: tuna salad made w/ spring greens, tomato, onion, chili flakes, olive oil & balsamic & 3 Wasa crackers = 6 Points

Perfect tuna salad!
 Snack: Wasa crackers w/ cheese = 9 Points (This was actually two different snacks throughout my day - and no pic - was in a rush!)

Dinner: Lean Cuisine Steak tips Portobello, carrots, served over a tiny baked potato = 8 Points

This is another handy go-to meal that is alright in a rush - the hubby and kid had Chipotle. 

Daily Summary
 Total Points Used: 25/26
Weekly Points Used: 0/47
Weekly Points Remaining: 47/49
Exercise: 0 days / 2 days 

And I'm even finished with my posting earlier than usual! 

Night snugglepups

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