Tuesday, May 8, 2012

i haven't quit just yet.. friday, saturday, sunday & monday

 Well..hmm. Week 2, not so great. :/ I have been just crazy busy and I let my commitment weaken because of that... which is just not good enough. So this past weekend.. Friday night was studying and then a late movie session with friends.. Saturday was my brother-in-laws graduation from dental school (whole family came down from interstate etc etc) and Sunday was a friends 30th birthday... and then throw in some extra studying for finals and hail, storms and a tornado warning. So, yes, crazy hectic, BUT I'm going to have crazy hectic times like that, and I can't let everything fall apart just because there was a bit of crazy in my life for a few days. Hopefully I've learned that lesson.. at least for awhile! So my eating.. ummmm...I did try to some degree. At least I tried to some degree with the food.. however, I did not try at all with the drinking kind of celebrating that tends to go with all these occasions.. Friday night was two glasses of wine and a beer (UGH) - over the course of like 8 hours, but still, calories don't care how well I spaced out my consumption of them.. umm.. Saturday was.. well, let's just say Saturday was a write off. I literally have no idea how many champagne & blackberries I had at my sister-in-laws (she put berries in the champagne! I HAD to have it!..would have been rude not to...) but I think it was about 5..however, champagne flutes are little. you should remember that. of course the vodka & oranges I had later on when we went out are a different story... and then Sunday I had a couple glasses of white wine, and 2 cocktails. So points wise, things didn't turn out exactly wonderfully.... I went over this week and there's not much I can do about it now. Having said that, I don't feel anywhere as good today as I did on Friday - definitely going to try to limit the social/eating out/drinking activities on my weekends - like this weekend I really shouldn't have done anything Friday night, and I definitely should have chosen something different at dinner for my friends 30th.  I also should have drank my water, and not had a frappucino. Ugh. Oh well, onward and upward! wait, no..downward..well, i want my success rate to go up and the scale number to go down. 


Breakfast: EAS Shake  = 3 Points

 Lunch: Cup of chili w/ 2 saltines = 5 Points


 Dinner: 2 glasses of wine, 2 wasa, 1 LC cheese wedge, cheddar cheese, pickles = 4 Points (food), 8 Points (wine)

Yum. cheese, crackers, pickles and wine.

Movie Snack: hummus & pita bread = 5 Points

Ok, seriously, I was pretty impressed with the fact that the movie theatre has this whole "fresh bites" section with crudites and hummus and wraps and stuff. Go american movie theatre. I like hummus far more than popcorn anyway! This picture is also very bad..phone cameras in dark movie theatres don't make for great pictures of mashed chickpeas apparently. Who knew.

Bits & Pieces: Milk for my coffee, Beer = 4 Points

 Total Points Used: 26/26 + 2 Weekly Points = Total 29 Points
Weekly Points Remaining: 39/49


Breakfast: 2 pieces of toast, 1 with jam, 1 with vegemite = 5 Points

 Snack: Doctored frappucino from starbucks = 5 Points


Lunch: 1/2 turkey, lettuce, provolone sandwich and black bean cous cous = 6 Points


 Alcohol: Champagne & blackberries and vodka w/ orange juice = ?? Guesstimate of 35 Points


 Bits & Pieces: A few crackers out of this bowl.. I had one piece of the flatbread cracker, one breton and maybe 4 or 5 of the little crackers. For me, that is wonderful. I do like my crackers.. I also had a couple of olives and a cheese cube and a little roasted tomato or pepper = 6 Points


 Daily Summary 
Points Used: 26/26  + 31 Weekly Points = Total 57
Weekly Points Remaining: 8/49


Other half of my turkey provolone sandwich and rest of the cous cous = 6 Points

healthy choice portobello mushroom marsala =  6 Points

 Dinner: roasted duck with sweet potato, carrots and a tart or something = No idea. Like, legitimately, no flipping clue. I don't even know if something similar exists. However, we can safely assume that it was terribly bad. The tart thing cannot have been okay, the duck was too crispy to be healthy, and the sweet potato puree tasted really really sweet and creamy. Definitely bad for a diet. I'm over points completely at this stage anyway, so how many it is is sort of a non issue right now.. 

Bits & Pieces: 2 glasses of wine and 2 cocktails = 16 Points
I accidentally took this picture at the restaurant last night, but it's wine, so I figured it was worth uploading.

Daily Summary

 Total Points Used: 26/26 + 2 Weekly + whatever the hell dinner was.. so lets say it was definitely more than the 6 weekly points I had remaining and I'm over points for the week with Monday still to go and possibly over by a pretty big amount, like 20 points or something, depending on that meal..

Breakfast: None

Lunch: cup of chili & 1/2 roasted tomato caprese sandwich = 11 Points

 Snack: 1 wasa & 1 wedge of LC cream cheese = 2 Points

Dinner:  Takeout - KFC. I told hubby not to worry about it for me because I don't really like kfc as a general rule and he thought he was being nice by getting me their grilled chicken anyway (it was sweet of him to care).. but they screwed up and sent home fried chicken instead. I attempted to take the skin off and eat the chicken, but didn't really like it, so I ate a little mashed potatoes and gravy and coleslaw and was done with it. = 9 Points

Bits & Pieces: Milk for my coffee = 2 Points

Daily Summary
Points Used: 23/26

And there we have it. At this point, all I can do is shake myself off and say four days is better than 7, and the next week will be better! It will, but I have a big weekend this weekend too of course.. it's all good though. Some of it I can control in advance, and some of it I won't be able to, but as long as I control the controllable, then I'll be happy. 

Night Angelpuffs!

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