Friday, May 4, 2012

I had my first author event today (albeit, an off-site one) so with all that excitement, there was no time for breakfast or thinking or anything else! Must admit, going back to my cold office was a little anti-climactic, but at least I got to leave early.. and that was the excitement for my day. Other than that, I studied, and I've been trying to plan my 30th birthday - probably so that I don't think about the fact that all my home friends are currently together in aussie-land celebrating one of our best friends thirtieths and I really really wish I could be there. I'm pretty sure they should have invented instant teleportation by now, and yet I'm supposed to be excited by the fact that I can use my phone as a stereo remote. Fail, 21st century. 
(I lie.. I actually think it's really cool that my phone can be a stereo remote..but I still want instant teleportation!!) 

Breakfast: None

Noodles & Company The Veggie Med = 8 Points


1.5 Wasa, cheddar, & tomato = 5 Points

Mr. Goodcents (which has apparently changed their name..) Turkey on wheat, w/ pepperjack, jalapenos, lettuce, onion, black olives & green capsicum = 7 Points

Yay Mr. Goodcents - also, Jason's Deli is somehow even worse than Panera when it comes to high calorie sandwiches. Even their light menu is ridiculous and their normal menu.. put it this way, ONE muffaletta is like 3000 calories and over 200 grams of fat. 1/2 is something ludicrous like 1600 calories and 100 grams of fat. Do you know how nuts that is??? It's a flipping sandwich! Never trust anywhere on food. Ever.
 Bits & Pieces: 
Milk for coffee: 3 Points
Bear Naked Banana Nut Granola: 4 Points

This is the best granola I have ever had in my life - it's a bit high in points and stuff though, so if you diet, check the NI before consuming!

 Daily Summary:
 Daily Points Used: 26/26 + 1 weekly = 27 Points total
Weekly Points Used: 1/ 41 
Weekly Points Remaining: 40/49
Exercise 0 days / 3 days 
Sanity Level 2/5 

I'll leave you with a picture of the cutest critter in existence. 

Apparently Disney modeled all of their huge-eyed woodland creatures (and princesses) on this little guy.

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