Thursday, May 3, 2012

weigh-in & wednesday

I jinxed myself by being all happy the other day apparently .. the last two days have just been bloody dreadful. As in not-sure-I'm-making-the-right-decisions-and-I-think-I've-messed-up-my-life dreadful. With a bit of some people being mean and me crying and missing my home and family and feeling like a crummy parent and ugh. All of that. However - I haven't screwed everything up completely. I've been over points the last two days, which isn't great, but it's also due largely to the drink I had yesterday, and the drink I had tonight - what evil diet god made alcohol soooo high in points? Hmm? hmm? Uncool, diet god, uncool. 

Yesterday was weigh-in day.. and I was down 1.8 pounds! Was I hoping it would be more? Yes, of course I was.. but I'll take it. I have noticed a sneaky trend with myself when it comes to losing weight.. I go down a bit, up a bit, down a bit, up a bit and it feels like I'm never getting anywhere, but when I look back over say a two month period, I actually usually get okay results. I just need to try to remember that is the problem! ;) 

So eating for the last two days: 


EAS Shake = 3 Points

I'm really getting sick of this picture..

Cup of chili from work + 2 saltines  = 5 Points

Ok, this chili is actually really good. Also, it's the quickest and lowest point option there is when I don't bring something from home and my work is always freezing. I literally keep a blanket in my office.

Lean Cuisine Steak tips & portobello served over a small baked potato = 7 Points

That lean cuisine meal is my "go-to" frozen meal. Super low in calories and actually tastes alright for frozen crap. (it doesn't come with the potato.. I add that to the meal)

Wasa crackers, cheese, & a small tomato = 10 Points 

Ah cheese & crackers. My nemesis. 

Bits & Pieces: 
Milk for my coffee = 2 Points 
Glass of wine = 3 Points 

 Daily Summary: 
(Note: My daily allowed points changed due to the weight loss. I now get 26 points per day instead of 27. The 49 Weekly points are the same though)
Points Used: 26/26 + 4 Weekly Points = 30 Points
Weekly Points Used: 4/49
Weekly Points Remaining: 45/49
Exercise: 0 days / 1 day 
Sanity Level: 1/5


EAS Shake = 3 Points

(For same generic picture that I use everytime, see above) 

Noodles & Company small bangkok curry = 6 Points

Eh, meh.


Honey mustard chicken, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, spinach served over whole wheat linguine = 12 Points
This was supposed to be less points, but I ran into two problems - it was the first time making it, and the recipe I used (Rachel Ray) needed tweaking, and the tweaks added calories (I had to add honey & agave nectar, as well as a bit of flour) and the other problem was that we served it with pasta. I do so love my pasta. *sigh*


 Bits & Pieces: 
Milk for my coffee = 2 Points 
1 Vodka w/ cranberry juice = 7 Points (right? wth! screw juice.. ;) )

I could have posted a picture of milk I guess..

Daily Summary: 
Points Used: 26/26 + 4 Weekly Points = 30 Points total
Weekly Points Used: 4/45
Weekly Points Remaining: 41/49
Exercise 0 days / 2 days 
Sanity Level 1.5/5 

And now we're caught up - I feel a bit lousy about how badly I've done the last two days, but I am trying to just ignore it and continue on etc etc. I have a huge weekend coming up and I anticipate going over my points, but I still think I can make the best choices possible and at least not go over by much - if it comes to that. 

And I have a 7am start tomorrow, which means getting up at 5:30, so this is it kittens.. night!!

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