Friday, May 18, 2012


No time to write, must do nails and hair and get clothes ready for work in the morning! 

 Here's the eating! 

Breakfast: None

Lunch: 1/2 Roasted tomato caprese s/w & a cup of chili = 11 Points 

Snack: 1 banana & 3 strawberries = 0 Points

 Dinner: 3 bites of steak, asparagus w/ asagio, garlic & a sprinkle of bacon bits, steamed broccoli, salad made with spring greens, tomato, goats cheese & balsamic viniagerette = 6 Points

I'm super fussy about my steak and this was a little chewy for my liking so I gave it to the kid after a couple of bites.

I missed my cucumber in this salad!

Bits & Pieces: milk for my coffee = 2 Points
a bite of a rabbits ear = 2 Points

I hate ate peter rabbit 

Daily Summary
Total Points Used: 21/26
Weekly Points Used: 0/47
Weekly Points Remaining: 47/49
Exercise: 0 days / 3 days 

 And that's that.. 'Night sugarplums!

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