Thursday, March 24, 2011

It Begins... well, actually it already began, but this is sort of the next step.

So this is possibly private or not private, read or unread, either way it doesn't really matter. :)
This is going to be my accountability page, because apparently feeling good and having more energy and being happier in general when I'm doing well nutritionally is not enough to keep me accountable! I'm hoping that having to log something like "Caved. Ate half a block of cheese and a package of wheat thins - as a snack. Points: 10,280. Also, only exercise was raising my hand to my mouth repeatedly" out here in InternetLand will be somewhat of a deterrent.

I promise I won't lie.

Here I plan to log my food, fitness, & feelings. Goals are as follows:

1. Lose weight

2. Exercise - regularly. not sporadically. (im awesome at sporadic exercise already. unfortunately three weeks straight and then nothing for 6 months is not the way "being healthy" seems to work. )  and ultimately learn to ENJOY exercise

3. Eat HEALTHY - that's an important one. Not saying I won't have anything fat free or with artificial sugar, but majority of the time, I want to be eating whole, unprocessed foods. Ingredient lists on food should be relatively simple and contain ingredients I've heard of. I want to minimize the chemicals and toxins in my body and get my nutrients and energy from good, wholesome food and old fashioned exercise. NO FADS.

4. Stick to my "points"* - this is because I hate counting calories and know most points i need to know off by heart, so it's simply easier. I need to have some sort of guideline like points to follow because I want to lose weight. Sadly this is very hard to do if you don't know how much you're eating.  :(  ( it is sad. I like food, and dislike limits. in general.)

5. Limit the dinner carbs - not because of Atkins or anything else, but only because I've learned that my body doesn't like carbs too late. I get hungrier, bloated and tend to feel more sluggish the next morning.

6. Minimal, if any, alcohol consumption - I can make alcohol points/calories fit, yeah, but the hangovers and lack of energy, not to mention the complete lack of any nutritional value, mean that I would just prefer to not put any into my body at this stage. Once I feel as though my new changes are habits that come relatively effortlessly, then alcohol and I can become friends again.

So that's pretty much it for now. Each day I will post what I've eaten, any exercise I've done, and if I feel like it, any feelings about my health/exercise/progress/"mistakes".

Oh, also, I'm pulling a TB here and requesting that if for some reason you happen to comment, then please don't write my name, because it's too searchable, and I'd prefer not to have random people who look me up when I go for job interviews or something find my stupid diet page! ;)

*Points are used in the Weight Watchers program. I've lost weight using this program before, but a) regained it and b) didn't REALLY do it the right way. eg; fat free cheese, anything low point regardless of whatever it was actually made of, playing around with my points to fit in junk food or having chemically altered versions of junk food. you know. that kinda thing.


  1. Good luck! I look forward to watching what you eat. :)

    As you may or may not have read on my blog, I have found the secret to effortless toning, and that secret is ankle weights. I've been strapping them on in the morning and wearing them until evening, and even if I don't do any other exercise that day, at least I'm getting a teeny bit of a workout. Try wearing them under your work pants if you want to burn a few more calories a day!

    I'm going to miss those things when skirt weather kicks in...

  2. Thank you! I DID see the ankle weight post - and I am intrigued. Have you noticed it help with any leg toning??

  3. It actually has! I wore them all day yesterday (my shopping day), and my calves were twitching by the end of the night, they were so tired.

    You can get a set pretty cheap at TJ Maxx/Marshall's.


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