Thursday, March 31, 2011

Holy crap, morning doesn't have to be torture!

Oh. My. God.
I got 5 hours and 40 minutes of sleep last night. It may have been short of my 6 hour goal, but the difference in me this morning as opposed to .. well anytime recently - was freaking amazing.
First of all, I spoke sentences when I woke up. with real words. Not just angry grunts in the general direction of my family.
Secondly, I even made jokes.
And thirdly, when the munchkin did something that would usually make me scream and look for the nearest object to kill myself with so that I could end my own godawful miserable existence, I instead calmly reminded her that I don't like that behavior and that's not how it works in our house.
Then I made another joke, we laughed and there was no sulking - on either of our parts.

Alrighty, onto the food!

Breakfast: Skipped. Not deliberately - I was just really busy and by the time I looked at the time it was 11:30 and I realized I hadn't eaten. trust me, that is a very rare occurrence. POINTS: 0

Snack: EAS shake. POINTS: 2
Low cal, low carb protein shakes that actually don't taste like crap!

Lunch: Boca Burger on a Sara Lee Delightful bun, w/ hummus, baby spinach, and roasted pepper + 6 strawberries. POINTS: 5
I love Boca Burgers.

Dinner: Stupid work called me and asked me to go in, which messed up dinner. Takeout again. Chick Fil A Southwestern Salad. (This salad is huge and really tasty at least) POINTS: 10

I was in a rush and completely forgot to take a picture, but it's a takeout food that actually does look like its pictures, so here ya go.

Bits & Pieces: Milk & sugar in my coffee because I'm out of the coffee that I don't need milk with, AND out of sweetener. grrr. POINTS: 2

Exercise: 30 minutes Jenny, 125 crunches. POINTS Earned: 3

Daily POINTS Allowed: 22 + 3 exercise POINTS = 25
Daily POINTS Used: 19/25
Weekly POINTS: 0 used so 34/35 still left.

Alright, now I know it's annoying to not know how much weight I'm trying to lose or what I look like (well, I'd find it annoying if I didn't know me anyway), so for the sake of anyone who reads this and does not personally know me, I'll put up one of those chopped off head pictures so you at least have a rough idea of whats going on here. And yeah .. there's no way in hell I'm broadcasting my weight on the internet, so that will just have to be a guess on your part. And please keep that guess to yourself. :P

No, I don't have to pee. Standing like this is just more flattering. Yes, sadly this is actually a flattering pic. :/

And now, it's time for me to finally go relax after this long day! Hope you are all well and healthy out there too! xoxo


  1. Wow! You look great!! Keep up the good work, and try to get more sleep than that, woman!

  2. hehe thanks - it really is a flattering pic though, I've a long way to go yet! :) and yeahh.. i ended up getting 6.5 hours last night, and I'm not quite as peppy as yesterday morning today! But still far better than I have been. It sucks when I work at night, because I don't even get home til 11:30!


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